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Screenshot Anus.

2014-07-26 03:50:49 by ThePulp

It came to me in a dream.

Along with buttsausages and streams of urine, I had come across quite a fun object of interest and it wasn't a Screenshot Anus. I had been doing copious amonts of oxygen at the time.

Remember kids, doing oxygen is bad for 'ya!

Oxygen kills 99.9999% of all those that breathe it.


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2014-07-26 04:33:35



2014-07-26 08:10:34

No more hot pockets for you before bed, mister.

(Updated ) ThePulp responds:

Yellow matter custard dripping off a dead dogs eye covers the nuts of Inuit corpses for miles and I just want to eat a bunch of digression I suppose I'm turning away from this steady stream of consciousness that's just pourin' and pouring the rain all over this loud and thundery night on my chair typing these words as if they came from "Ulysses" the stream of consciousness is not to be taken lightly and these links I'm running out of bread I ought to buy more bread before offing myself half-past noon tonight film at 11 the news is stupid it's all been bought out and that makes me sad mad even I suppose this is how life feels like and this is how we think you know I wonder what Radekator thinks of my new buttsausage thing that I'm making up as I go and as I go I slowly die a little because I'm just wasting my time typing this huge wall of text that's supposed to be a stream of consciousness I bet you won't even bother to read all this and now I'm approaching the end of my long and winding road tan tan tananan it leads to your door and I can't stop thinkin' 'bout that damn series of spam attacks on newgrounds made by that shitty soup squad place fuck 'em lot's of people deserve a terrible fuck that leaves their asses hurting for a week like Adolf Hitler but really he wasn't much of a villain I wouldn't call him a good guy but he had his good side too you know we shouldn't portray these people as two dimensional egomaniac dictators they all have their soft spots like other folks we're all people and we're all doing this thing called life hey that's a magazine magazines are quite nice there was a song about it and it turned out the guy who saw his girlfriend in a magazine was now a pin up girl for a porn magazine and stuff of that nature nature is nice Joe wants to be an ecologist so that's something hey you're looking like a Magikarp today.