Entry #65

brand spankin' new art-farts

2017-04-03 12:03:29 by ThePulp

Takes a week or two to finish one, total. Probably a whole day's worth of work (20 hours-ish) if you lump the hours of actual work together cumulatively.

I listen to various things to keep myself going, like David Cross standup specials, The Official Podcast, Slavoj Zizek mumbling to a live audience - stuff like that. These 4 drawings I have out so far (with 2 on the way) were done spread out in a span of 5 months.

I'm not proud of my work ethic, even at this rate.

There's dread that sets in if I lag behind with a specific artwork, but each new piece is a thing in drawing I have to exercise to be able to storyboard well so I feel a sense of personal satisfaction when I do finish. Maybe I should work on breaking out of the cartoon-style shell next...

Oh, and here's a WIP that'll probably only get finished once I get this Research bullshit out of the way:


Have a good one, Newgrounds.

Been a while.


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2017-09-14 08:34:33

Haven't seen you in awhile. Any chance you'll come back to making regular forum posts or are you concentrating more on your art these days?

ThePulp responds:

i just might do that after a while has passed