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brand spankin' new art-farts

2017-04-03 12:03:29 by ThePulp

Takes a week or two to finish one, total. Probably a whole day's worth of work (20 hours-ish) if you lump the hours of actual work together cumulatively.

I listen to various things to keep myself going, like David Cross standup specials, The Official Podcast, Slavoj Zizek mumbling to a live audience - stuff like that. These 4 drawings I have out so far (with 2 on the way) were done spread out in a span of 5 months.

I'm not proud of my work ethic, even at this rate.

There's dread that sets in if I lag behind with a specific artwork, but each new piece is a thing in drawing I have to exercise to be able to storyboard well so I feel a sense of personal satisfaction when I do finish. Maybe I should work on breaking out of the cartoon-style shell next...

Oh, and here's a WIP that'll probably only get finished once I get this Research bullshit out of the way:


Have a good one, Newgrounds.

Been a while.

finished inktober

2016-11-01 00:21:43 by ThePulp

skipped about 6 days, didn't actually do 'em daily.

there are like 5 whole pages on my sketchpad littered with small doodles.


interpretation of the prompts was a little too literal so that kinda disappointed me.


well, at least I put outputs out quadruple the rate I used to.

more paintings, doodles, sketches to come. maybe some photomanipulation and small video experiments, as well.

aw shit

2016-08-19 12:34:08 by ThePulp

just got enough time and proper resources to access this place again

um, been drawing more often

writing skills have regressed, seemingly

also I ended up subconsciously re-drawing an old piece of mine, check 'em out:

3658287_147162519213_thepulp_m-e-m-o-r-y.jpg 3658287_147162519081_ngpulp_the-surreal-doctors.png

come a long way.


so uh the impulse to write a lot was replaced by the impulse to draw a lot

I've also recently wanted to get into theater/public speaking and/or VA but I always feel too tired to properly ham it up. From practicing drawing so much.


still, lovin' it in art school

I've never had this urge to feel so fucking involved with something

is it a trap






it probably is but I don't give a fuck

what have i done

2016-06-18 04:22:23 by ThePulp








porky minch

2016-06-16 19:32:41 by ThePulp


The beginning 

of the end.

The end of everything.


2016-06-11 00:18:42 by ThePulp

I don't know why, but I've drawn more the past 2 months than I have the past year and a half.

Fuck man, school tired me out and fucked me half-dead.

That's my official explanation for the months-long absence.

God it was terrible. We weren't even doing anything stimulating. It was just dumb dogmatic paperwork and group projects that never pulled through that they passed because they were pressured to pull grades outta their asses at a set time. Motherfuckers. 3/4ths of the class faked their survey results when it came to our term papers. And pretty much all of us graduated. Beautiful. 

I'm just terribly disappointed and annoyed at what went down, a'ight.

Anyway, have some stupid drawings

3658287_146561648362_IMG_0927.jpg 3658287_146561686813_IMG_0948.jpg 3658287_146561717523_IMG_0982.jpg 3658287_146561730413_IMG_1023.jpg 3658287_146561747743_IMG_1099.jpg 3658287_146561766732_IMG_1021.jpg 3658287_146561787241_IMG_1022.jpg 3658287_146561807623_IMG_0993.jpg


I feel relatively optimistic about what's to come though. 

Seems I got slightly better at drawing so that's good. Lost the idiosyncratic dirt and smudge stylings of my old stuff but I like to see that as a fair bargain.

Have a good one, NG.

Jesus H. Christ.

2016-05-30 05:36:22 by ThePulp


Working on something.

2016-05-22 02:49:10 by ThePulp


I started drawing again

2016-05-08 08:03:11 by ThePulp

it's gettin' better, I think


It is done.

2016-02-21 01:36:55 by ThePulp

3658287_145603608241_hooplah.pngWhat now?